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With buzz cresting on "Fable," Peter Molyneux's latest epic gaming project, you owe it to yourself to check out the witty preview. Turn off your pop-up blocker first.


Brush up on the Electoral College before November. Get a deeper understanding of swing states, red states, blue states and how it all adds up at this well-designed site.


Meet the people of Chilo as they explore their complex relationship to a proposed bridge between their isolated island culture and the Argentinean mainland. Turn off your pop-up blocker first.


Reject an overzealous suitor without actually interacting with the creep: Tell the person to send e-mail to this site, and when he tries to get in touch, the site will kick him to the curb for you.


The gentlemen of Golden Age Cartoons have put together a meaty, even scholarly site on various facets of the early animation era. And yes, you can watch cartoons here.


Writers craving a fresh spot to tell stories from their lives can submit their no-more-than-3,000-word yarns here.


This meticulously maintained site posts hundreds of up-to-date codes for discounts on online shopping purchases.


Bizarre videos, games, free advice, downloads and more fun things can be had here.


This site provides a history of the Enola Gay (the plane that carried the first atomic bomb) and Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets Jr., the pilot.


Even film critics from another planet can be pompous. Read as "Broog" excoriates Hollywood offerings. Bring a thesaurus.

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